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Shri Krishna University is an institution which is rightly considered one of the greatest contributions of the peoples of Madhya Pradesh cultural heritage.Its main activities in the fields of higher education and scientific research are activities of public interest, and they are carried out in accordance with the legal regulations.

During the tenure of its existence the Shri Krishna University has served its people, and its former students and teachers have greatly contributed to the development of cultural, scientific, educational, political and economic life of our country.

Shri Krishna University is prepared to maintain and enhance its position as the leading institution of higher education in the region by adapting to the challenges of modern times on one hand, and preserving what's worth in its tradition on the other. This is precisely what makes it recognized as a true national brand.
Shri Krishna University is environmentally certified and works actively for sustainable development. With new knowledge and new perspectives, we contribute to a better future.

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